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Maria is an architect, researcher, and educator. She recently completed a PhD in Architecture at the Royal College of Art, examining the headquarters of ‘Big Tech’ in Silicon Valley as central paradigms to explore the intersection between modern subjectivity, frontier dynamics, and continuous forms of colonisation. Maria continues to delve deeper into this research in her role as History and Theory tutor at the Architectural Association and Greenwich University.


Until recently, Maria was a partner at Foster + Partners, leading the firm’s Workplace Consultancy group. She continues to expand on her consultancy and focus on the office as a contemporary common ‘front’ as founder of the Centre for the Architecture of Work (CAW), an independent thinktank exploring the impact of new patterns of in-person time at work and structural shifts, such as the 4-Day-a-Week initiative, and their effects on real estate and the city.


Maria also continues to enhance her construction experience and architectural practice through her roles as Critical Practice Lecturer at the Architectural Association, Bartlett School of Architecture, and the London School of Architecture. Her built work can be found at the thing in itself, an architectural and research practice with a focus on building at the scale of objects and spaces. Lastly, Maria collaborates with Brendon Carlin as an editor-at-large of LIMBO Press, an independent publisher of architecture books.

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